The Puppy is Jealous when I hug another German Shepherd

Oh, WOW! Jesse has gotten so big just as big as Rocky. 😍🥰 Rocky looks so happy! Jessica looks so frustrated! Both so lovable!❤ And Bailey’s barking in the background- he wants hugs too! 😂 Jeessyy!!!💛 She’s gotten soo big! As Beautiful as ever. Love how Jessica is not afraid of Rocky’s growls of jealousy. Lol 💛 Yeahh, finally the video with the other two cuties 😄👍Jessie is as wild as ever. Too much for good boy Rocky. “Keep your distance you crazy girl and leave me and daddy alone” ❤🐾 Where’s Teddy? We recently got a white german shepherd puppy he was little for one night now hes 82 lbs at 7 months hes so big 🥰 very loyal, friendly & jealous lol That’s Jessica??!! She grew up that big?! So the videos we were watching a few days ago were shot a long time ago when she was just a wee puppy. She’s also acting like Bailey.

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