The mother is surprised that the kitten is sleeping next to her.

The mother is surprised that the kitten is sleeping next to her. Mother cat Kira gave birth to a beautiful kitten Mosya. He adopted another kitten, Johnny. The kittens have grown and we have already found a nice new home for Johnny and have decided to leave Mosya with us. A puppy Nora has landed in our house and cats can’t tell what kind of animal she is. And only kitten Mosya immediately became friends with the puppy Sweet little babies!! At first it looked like the puppy thought it might get whacked by Moma, but she didn’t so all seems good!!! All of them are just precious! I love when everyone gets along! Thank You for sharing your families with us on YouTube!!!🐈❤️🐶 🐱💕🐶 Mosya and Nora are so darling together! Glad to hear that Johnny found a loving home. Thanks for sharing this! 🐾💖☺️ The trust and love that these kittens have is because their humans give them so many experiences which makes them inquisitive and trusting! Pure love at its best! Thanks.for the joy! 💕 The mother cat is very subtle, she’s watching her baby very closely but secretively. However like all great mother’s, she’s ready to step in at a moment’s notice !! The covert momma !! ❤️❤️🧡🧡💛💛💜 Look at the dog’s eyes, because if you look closely, he blinks a lot. Sign that it is possible that a cat scratch has been taken. All three are beautiful.🥰

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