Golden Retriever Puppy Meets Tiny Chick for the First Time!

That’s amazing how puppy is unsure so it goes back to mama for comfort several times. ❤ Mia com este pintinho está uma gracinha querendo brincar com ele 🐕🐥🐾’s very kind to teach your puppy how to touch and be gentle to this tiny winy chick… greetings all the way from Singapore 😍🤩💖 That chick is so brave & patient. The dog starts barking and she’s all. ” is that really necessary? You’re already a giant compared to me, must you also bark? Can I go now?” Pup doesn’t know what to do or what to make of the fluffy fella but he does know he doesn’t want to hurt it any. I think he just wants a play buddy and with more training they can become best buddies. This is Baileys channel! But this is a puppy is not Bailey! So why would somebody think this puppy is Bailey? He’s like 4yrs old now?

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