Giant Husky Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time!! (Cutest Ever!!)

Who would have thought we would get this reaction! The size of this dog! its just so pure to see this type of rection from a dog and to understand how loving and caring they can actually be. They understand more than we give them credit. Teddy is an amazing and gentle giant! His ears are always back as a sign of submission, that’s just the way he’s always been. Even when he was 8 weeks old an he met Amelia at 6 months old, the sheer joy on his face was a delight to watch! Go check that video out too it’s so wholesome! Teddy is such a smart dog. Knew how calm he needed to be. Listened to Shane. And Baby Brother is ready to meet Niko and Phil! I can’t wait! So proud of Teddy and his first meeting with the baby. We know he can be gentle (especially with Mia) but this is a whole new level 🤗🤗🤗

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