Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed

Golden Retriever Reacts to Tiny Kittens in his Bed! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos. It is SO cute how he is so upset yet so gentle and how the kittens know for a fact that he won’t hurt them cuz they don’t bother moving till the end, only just enough to give him enough space to lay down without complaining 😂❤ I love watching the internal conflict of “I want my bed back!” and “I cannot hurt the tiny fragile things.” My border collie mix reacted similar when one of my young adult cats was on her blanket. She literally looked at the cat, looked at me, and looked back at the cat as if to say, “Mom, she’s on my blanket! Do something” Lady saw that I was laughing and decided to pull the blanket out from under the cat. The cat hung on and enjoyed the ride. Lady dropped the blanket and decided to stop fighting a losing battle and walked away. The cat, seeing that the ride was over, got off the blanket and walked away. I love how at the end the kittens don’t seem scared, just mildly confused by Bailey’s antics, like “why is the giant strange looking cat flopping around and disturbing our nap?”

German Shepherd Meets Puppies for the First Time

One of these puppies looks just like a little lab. Love how papa is looking at him like, “he ain’t mine.” They’re just adorable!i like how like a good parent he went to see how the shy one was doing, checked on him and how he tried to discipline the naughty one!It is nice to see him (her?) paying attention to the least assertive and most vulnerable puppy, patiently laying in the background while shyly waiting to be noticed by the big one. I wish more people would be like that.I love how one golden pup is the naughtiest and the other is the shyest… The dog went to the shy one like “hey little buddy” and the naughty one just kept fighting for attention haha. Such curious babies.. ❤️❤️This is too adorableI love seeing how gentle GSD’s are. So loyal, and rather “sucky”. For a big “tough” dog, I am not sure if I will ever be able to consume the amount of love my mutt gave me! Thanks Champion for loving me. I miss you so much!Oh… what a gentle dog!!!! Such was my Luna ( Moon in spanish), who ALWAYS, during 14 years, welcomed with love and joy every puppy and kitten I brought home!!!!! I miss you so much Luna….. ❤️❤️❤️German shepherds are really one of the best dog breeds. I grew up with one, he was such a nice loyal dog. He was so sweet and gentle, they really are underrated pups.That’s crazy! Had a German Shepard show up at the house about a month ago. Can’t be to much more than a year old.Very intelligent dog! Ironically enough, I named him rocky!

Golden Retriever Meets New Baby Kitten for the First Time!

I love how the owner is picking up that huge dog and hugging him. The kitten seems real calm but I’m sure it must be petrified of such a big dog.The dogs jealous behaviour is hilarious. Hes so loving to his daddy. Id like to see a follow up video where doggy n kitty are friendsI liked the Kittens attitude, was not at all intimidated by the dog,and hissed back with full confidence….way to go…..Bailey is using denial very well. Never seen a dog use that technique.” Ok, I am not gonna look at this thing and maybe it will go away!” I personally have, however, masterd denial in my own life. God job Bailey!That is so funny! Bailey is such a charater. I love how he averts his gaze; Then, after a while, he looks back, sees the cat and immediately reacts, as if he thought looking away would make it disappear. LOL! Such an awesome dog!Gotta love the way in which Bailey edges away in apprehension at first and then goes to Daddy for comfort and security — afraid of a tiny little baby kitty one-tenth his size!I have been looking at this a multitude of times and I really enjoy how jealous and insecure Bailey becomes, I like when he turns his back and pretend not to see.What good owners you are…taking it slow and setting such a kind and patient tone as he figures out what to make of this new addition. And what a good dog he is! I don’t know how old this video is but watching the video of Bailey when another kitty “intruder” takes over his dog bed is evident of what a true treasure this pup certainly is! I’m definitely a Bailey fan!!!I’m with Bailey on this one- I acted the same way when they brought my little brother home from hospital 30 years ago. Pouted and refused to acknowledge him, as he was a completely unneccessary addition! 😁😆I have not laughed so much in days… 😂😂 oh man… I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard 😂🥰🥰 poor Bailey. The kitten must have been like, “Calm down doggo! Chill”

Tiny Kitten and Golden Retriever are Best Friends [Cuteness Overload]

Tiny Kitten and Golden Retriever are Best Friends [Cuteness Overload]! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.This kitten is so trusting and loving of Bailey, cause that’s the way Bailey is. The kitty might be a little confused, all that fur, but no milk 🍼❣Aside from his infinite patience and gentleness, it’s the eyes that get me. His little glances to the side and to his mistress. Lovely. 🐕Bailey is just letting the Kitten Snuggle Well and does not care about the tickles. Such a cute and lovable Doggo. ❤️Que coisa maravilhosa! Esse gatinho amarelo é apaixonado pelo Bailey, tal qual a mãe deles! Aliás, Bailey é realmente apaixonante por ter uma natureza alegre e nobre!Oh my goodness just breathtaking watching Bailey love’s his tiny kitten 🐱 and the tiny kitten love’s Bailey. We all need a Bailey in our lives so proud Bailey is the smile on his face when tiny kitten snuggling into his fur Ahhh tiny meow 😻. Thank you for sharing this video actually made me smile tonight after bad News. Give Bailey and tiny kitten cuddles 🤗 from me in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 with love ❤️The kitten is soooo cute& precious! I wonder if it’s trying to find where it can nurse from Bailey! Bailey is cute too! 😊❤😽❤🐶I’ve noticed in all the ‘Bailey/Kittens’ video, this Orange and White kitten is the only one who constantly moves towards Bailey…these two are gonna be best of friends foreverEl gatito quiere acurrucarse con Bailey y estar mas calientito, anda buscando su lugar en el cuerpo de Bailey. Es admirable como Bailey es paciente con cachorritos como gatitos, conejitos, perritos, si son beibis, él es el amigo indicado, los vigila, cuida y protege. ❤️ 😘 💞

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Puppy Play with Bunny Sam for the First Time!

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Puppy Play with Bunny Sam for the First Time! We hope you enjoyed this video. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for new videos.Three buddies on the couch! Baileys ear is a warm blanket and Rocky had learned from Bailey how to use Sam as a pillow! So funny! 🐶🐶🐰🐾😂❤❤This is such a beautiful video! So lovely to see Sam again and to see these 3 all snuggled up together, so precious! Rocky is learning that bunnies make the best pillows! 😍🐶🐶🐇💕Bailey is in a zone 🥰 so tranquil but the love and tenderness among the 3 is precious 💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💙💖💖💖💖💖Bailey sure is good natured, what a sweetie. Bailey, a shepherd puppy, and a bunny, that is definitely a cuteness overload. You made me a happy camper tonight. 💛Rocky wants to play with Sam but doesnt know how. So he observes his Daddy, Bailey, to learn what to do. He copies Bailey in everything! Amazing!Rocky has grown so much in 2 months…what a beautiful sturdy dog! We enjoy watching every video, so entertaining, humans could learn compatibility from these fur kids. Peaceful family.Bailey’s ear flap makes good blanket for Sam and both Bailey and Rocky knows Sam is a good chin pillow! I love it that the three of them get along and can take a nap together. They all three keep each other warm!Aww thats so sweet to see them together like that Bailey has patience and Rocky is younger and is learning Sam is like ok I’ll just hang out with them. 🤔😯🐕💞🐇💞🐶😘Okay now for the final test, can Simon join the sofa pillow party? Bailey’s nose twitches like Sam the rabbit that I am, and Rocky has become so affectionate with bunny. 😉 I have to admit I miss Simon falling off the sofa and hearing giggles in the back ground, however I do enjoy a good Bailey, Rocky & Sam video any day. 👍💟

The Funniest Workout with the Golden Retriever!

The Funniest Workout with the Golden Retriever! What does a workout look like when you have a golden retriever like Bailey! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! 🔔and leave your comments under this video!This is hilarious and cute. The “work out” position the humans started in the beginning is the submissive “greeting” and “let’s play” for dogs. The dog was doing it too(bowing or curtsey)in the beginning. So cute!Bailey is a riot thank you so much for sharing I needed some smiles today and there’s nothing better than a big beautiful golden retriever having fun and playing with his parents on the floor!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰. Course it doesn’t allow you to do much yoga but everybody sure had fun!!!Seems like Bailey loves his Mom and Dad so much and he’s Jealous if they are Working out? Also maybe he got a dose of Catnip for Dogs? Bailey is So Adorablet amazes me you guys ever get ANYTHING done, from laughing hysterically along with the rest of us. Bailey is, as we say here, a ‘stitch’…!!Uwielbiam Wasza trójkę! Pies jest pełen uczuć od .miłości pr,ez zazdrość do złości, a Wy świetnie go rozumiecie i dajecie nam radość gdy Was możemy oglądać.Dzieki.This is why you start with cardio, family fun run! Not the dog’s fault, a plank looks very much like a play bow which is the start of play fighting! Adorable pup!I think that was the most hilarious video you have released so far! I think I loved it as much as Bailee did. He is having so much fun! He just loves playing with his Dad and Mom. :-)I’ve just found this, hilarious! Our black Labrador used to join us in our outdoor pool, splashing about and causing havoc bless her. Thanks for this it put a smile on my face when I needed it.🙂This was so funny 😂😭I laughed so much. Awesome dog 🥰🐕.He said bump all this yall doing what I’m doing.I’ll show you how too exercise.

Tiny Kitten Reacts to Golden Retriever

Bailey wouldn’t share his bed with the other doggo but he makes sure it’s nice and soft for the baby kittens! That’s just adorable! 🥰It is sooooo sweet and cute…The kitten thing’s that Bailey is his mother and Bailey can see that the kitten needs his love,attention and being close…what of Baileys lovely eyes,the eyes of love and pations.👍❤️😍😘💕For a tiny kitten like this one, a dog like Bailey is like a huge amusement park of fun, comfort, and excitement!These two!! I ❤❤ Bailey!! He doesn’t take the bed away from the kitten! He’s smitten! Such excellent skills he has for bonding with cats! Bailey is amazing😍!The kitten seems to be feeling a little lonely in Bailey’s huge bed without siblings and mom. Bailey is so cute, he just watches and doesn’t try to reclaim his bed 🥰Aww uncle Bailey 💕 he’s actually allowing his Kitty to play with him in the bed, so precious 🐾💕 reminds me of my Bobby the Shih Tzu who had a Tabie cat as a best friend. Hug’s 🤗 Bailey and kitties 😻 🐕Bailey surely knows who is welcome in his bed. One tiny kitten or two, yes pls! He’s such a sucker for his cat family, aww 😄I think Bailey was physically a little warm and was content to just lie on the cool floor, he didn’t seek the warmth of his bed. He was interested to watch the little kitten in the bed. Sometimes dogs prefer the coolness of a floor.The expression in Baileys Eyes said it all tiny kitten 🐱 had won Baileys heart ❤️.And mine his like I give up Mum and Dad I surrend too the cuteness tiny kitty which is so heartfelt and beautiful from Bailey. Biggest hugs and kisses two them both .❤😻😘🐶🐶❤

German Shepherd Confused by Tiny Kittens on Human Dad’s Chest

Rocky,you are such a natural being around those beautiful, delightful little kittens. So attentive, patient, loving and tolerant. And to have the reassurance and glances towards your human dad warms my heart. ❤️I love how he’s genuinely concerned when one of the kittens was falling off of human’s chest and trying to not slip.

No One Wanted a Special Kitten Until He Met This Woman

He was born with water on the brain and defective legs, and no one was interested in giving him a place to live. All they could see were defects, and not the cat underneath … I don’t care what anyone says, there is no such thing as an ugly baby. I’m glad he found a home.He’s absolutely precious! I mean truly irresistible. Maybe people were afraid that they couldn’t sufficiently meet his needs. I’m so glad someone adopted him. He’s a gift from heaven. How could you not want that baby? Take in a minute. One of god’s children is so precious and he is trusting you with one of his own.🥰 Thanks for giving Zeke a home. I could not do this, because it would make me cry how cruel nature can be to it’s own. I’m almost in tears because of Zeke and I would instantly cry when I meet a kitty like this. I’m too soft for this world, and I’m glad my cat is a healthy cat. Thankful that people out there who give love to such cuties like Zeke. How could you not want that baby? Take in a minute. One of god’s children is so precious and he is trusting you with one of his own.🥰 Aaaawww 💞 I would have adopted the baby right away. I have already looked for such a special kitty on the Internet, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. I have so much love to give … 😔. I wish Zeke a long and happy life. 😘