The German Shepherd is the Best Friend for Cats

I think watching them being together in calm relaxation is better for one’s heart than taking a vitamin. Wonderful pets!

I love the way they’re looking at like “why are you take video of us, what’s the big deal? We’re just playing & relaxing.” Rocky is a big handsome boy, and the cats are cute too. I’m glad that you have a happy family that gets along so well.

Life BEFORE and AFTER Having a German Shepherd Puppy

The Puppy is Jealous when I hug another German Shepherd

Oh, WOW! Jesse has gotten so big just as big as Rocky. 😍🥰 Rocky looks so happy! Jessica looks so frustrated! Both so lovable!❤ And Bailey’s barking in the background- he wants hugs too! 😂 Jeessyy!!!💛 She’s gotten soo big! As Beautiful as ever. Love how Jessica is not afraid of Rocky’s growls of jealousy. Lol 💛 Yeahh, finally the video with the other two cuties 😄👍Jessie is as wild as ever. Too much for good boy Rocky. “Keep your distance you crazy girl and leave me and daddy alone” ❤🐾 Where’s Teddy? We recently got a white german shepherd puppy he was little for one night now hes 82 lbs at 7 months hes so big 🥰 very loyal, friendly & jealous lol That’s Jessica??!! She grew up that big?! So the videos we were watching a few days ago were shot a long time ago when she was just a wee puppy. She’s also acting like Bailey.

German Shepherd Puppy Reaction to Me Crying

Dogs can feel human emotions, he could tell you weren’t upset, his consern was merely to why you were making that noies if you were fine. Then, he got ennoyed.I love this. The reason he begins sniffing your legs and crotch area is because he’s checking your health. He’s trying to determine if you’re in physical pain Rocky was concerned at the beginning but then realized he was being tricked so he retreated to the corner, basically ‘saying’ “I’m not having any of this” … LOL .. .Smart dog Rocky said, “I don’t know what’s upsetting you, but it can’t be all that bad. I checked both your legs over and you’re not hurt or bleeding. But don’t worry. Whatever it is, I’ll stay right here on the couch with you for moral support. It’ll be okay. We’ll get through this thing together.” The dog was like oh why are you crying? Are you hurt? Let me check you. Sniff Sniff Sniff… and suddenly the dog was like you’re just being dramatic. Lol 😂😂😂 I love Rocky’s chubby paws. He is very concerned about his dad and then he starts kicking back and🐾🐾 howling. This is so cute. At first, Rocky was very concerned and I think he feels the emotions are not too deep, so he goes resting and says, I will wait till he is done! It was so funny how at first Rocky was so concerned and then he was like oh well I guess I can’t help you Daddy so I’m just gonna lay down over here at the other end of the couch and wait until you’re done crying…Lol 😂 🐶

German Shepherd Pranked By Crocodile Mask!

He knows it’s you, using his other senses, but also realize something is off. The wagging of the tail shows he knows it’s you and the sniffs, but the dog 🐕 was worried you’ve been taking over by aliens 😂 🏃‍♂️ The dog is like:”It smells like my master but it don’t look like my master.” Lol He sensed by his sense that it’s you only (that’s why he didn’t attack you) but by seeing your face, he is thinking crocodile has taken over your body 🤣 Haha 😂! He was still a good dog not biting his owner ! Thank God! Hallelujah! Love this blog ! God bless all dogs ! Amen ❤😇✝️ The dog is very confused. The creature smells like his owner, but it looks very strange. And he is obviously bewildered and scared by those big teeth. This is exactly the same reaction when you scare your children with a mask. They know it’s you and your playing a game, but the mask is scary to them. after a short time they want to investigate the mask but are still scared of it, and never do get used to it. Dogs really are wonderful family members. Its so funny to see Rocky reaction.. Looks confused. Luckily you didn’t wear the whole costume, he may have tear you up because Rocky thought his dad being swallow up by the alligator 😂😅

Baby Dogs – Cute and Funny Dog Videos Compilation #56 | Aww Animals

Baby dogs are amazing pets because they are the cutest and most funny. Watching funny baby dogs is the hardest try not to laugh challenge. This is the cutest and best video ever. It is funny and cute!

How an experienced dog mother teaches her 8 weeks old puppies to be calm.

This is why it’s important not to get your puppies too young. It’s important for the mother to teach basic behavior. I love how everyone agrees that “KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!!!” Is so universal that we can even understand when a dog says it I love the one that sneaks around like “I’m just gonna steal a little drink,” and gets the look of death. the moment she barked, I got up from bed and prepared for school…I love how the Mom looks at the camera man for a second after barking. Like “sorry about them, they have no manners”When I was a kid we had a Chessy and I would watch her with the pups a lot. She corrected them with a growl and would pin them down. I tried that with my first and every dog after that (5) and IT WORKS. They learn respect and don’t fear you because like Mom, you don’t hurt them. Even after they were well on, they did what I asked, said it once, if they didn’t listen I then gave them the look and growl. Worked like a charm.This proves you gotta be strict but not abusive. She ain’t biting them full force but is barking and nipping if they don’t listen. She is an amazing mother and I’m glad that she knows what she’s doing to help train her pupsWow even puppies can have self-control with the right authority.This dog has more parenting skills than some people i knowI love how everyone agrees that “KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!!!” Is so universal that we can even understand when a dog says itShe’s not mad. She’s parenting. I had no idea a dog could do that with so many pups. It also shows how quick those pups listen. Good mama. Good litter.I love the one that sneaks around like “I’m just gonna steal a little drink,” and gets the look of death.

Golden Retriever Puppy Meets Tiny Chick for the First Time!

That’s amazing how puppy is unsure so it goes back to mama for comfort several times. ❤ Mia com este pintinho está uma gracinha querendo brincar com ele 🐕🐥🐾’s very kind to teach your puppy how to touch and be gentle to this tiny winy chick… greetings all the way from Singapore 😍🤩💖 That chick is so brave & patient. The dog starts barking and she’s all. ” is that really necessary? You’re already a giant compared to me, must you also bark? Can I go now?” Pup doesn’t know what to do or what to make of the fluffy fella but he does know he doesn’t want to hurt it any. I think he just wants a play buddy and with more training they can become best buddies. This is Baileys channel! But this is a puppy is not Bailey! So why would somebody think this puppy is Bailey? He’s like 4yrs old now?

Cute Sweet Cat Videos | These Are So Funny

If I found a kitten like this, I would 100% adopt it This little kitten won’t die hungry and alone on the streets, s/he has a chance at a better, happier life thanks to the two of you. Thank you so much for restoring my faith in humanity (and making me happy-cry) 😭😭😭 Blessed be to both of you, this baby and all other fur babies that are still waiting for a forever home 🎄💙🐱💙🎄 It’s amazing to have people like you helping other creatures in the world, we aren’t the only living things on this planet, we aren’t the only ones with rights, I love what you do ❤️ don’t ever stop!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for adopting & raising the homeless kitten. God bless you for what you’ve done, giving love & compassion to the poor feline. I pray the feline grow strong, healthy, active, happy, & found a loving family👪 in a forever home🏡

Funny Animals | Crazy Cats and Dogs at Work | Cute Paws

Adorables 🥰 gros câlin et gros bisous 😘 bisous 😘 bisous 😘 Beautiful share, fantastic video, amazing cat and dog video. Have a wonderful day to you. ma loro si che sono le vere super star amorucci teneri siete meravigliosi quando guardo a voi il mio cuore e pieno di gioia 😇🥰👍💯💙 A me piacciono tutti gli animali ma in assoluto I cani e poi i gatti sono creature straordinarie hanno un cuore grande hanno un animo innocente e impossibile non amarli 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋